Anything could still happen


Eight months since the beginning of this blog and three months since my last post. When I started these place I wanted it to be a record of all the experiences I would go through this year. I thought about it as a “blog of action”. However, as my Erasmus period in Granada is coming to an end, I have to admit, I might have got it wrong.

First of all, I have come to the point of realising that I have probably overgrown this all Erasmus and partying thing. The kind of person I am now decided to keep on waking up early in the morning, maintaining an healthy lifestyle, sticking to a moderate budget and being in charge of the responsibilities of a flat. I also found myself studying much more than I thought and travelling less than I wanted. These five months abroad have been a blessing and a lesson at the same time. So if were to tell something I learnt, I would say adulthood. To me it’s been a great opportunity becuase I had to take care of myself and comply with my obligations. In case I had any doubt, now I am totally concious that I can do it.

At the same time it taught me something else. Actually I am coming to terms with the fact that, as much as I try, I cannot run away from myself. I can take a plane, learn a different language, get to know knew people, but I will still be that precise and thoughtful person, I don’t always need to be. So probably, the lesson is this: rather than trying to change it all, I should first of all try to understand it all, looking for compromises between the person I can’t help being and the one I would like to be.

The other day, as I was sitting on the balcony of San Miguel Alto church a thought struck me out of the blue. While enjoying the sunset from one of the highest places on the hill, with the most amazing wiev of the city, deep down I remembered that the only thing that brought me back to Spain was the love for these magic Granada. A place capable of giving, with no need of asking. So I still have faith in the charm of these city and with almost a month left in Spain I believe that potentially, anything could still happen…



Fiesta de la Primavera 2014


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Yesterday was the first day of Spring. For many cultures it’s an ordinary day on the calendar, but no day is ordinary here in Granada.

The beginning of Spring is welcomed with a huge event called Fiesta de la Primavera. This party is a maxibottellon in the Bottellodromo of Granada. Bottellon is the practice of meeting on a spot and consuming alcohol, it’s really common here in Spain but it’s illegal. However, in Granada, it’s allowed only in a specific place, a huge parking lot called el Bottellodromo.

For la Fiesta de la Primavera, starting from Thursday night, young people started gathering en el Bottellodromo, they brought their alcohol, ready to drink all day and all night. It’s an event that takes place every year but with time all of the cultural events related to it have disappeared – even the music disappeared! – and now the only thing left is drinking!

Since I don’t like alcohol I really wasn’t looking forward to staying in a filthy place with drunk people around me, so I thought “ Naaa, I’m not going!”. In the end I changed my mind. The weather was so good that I popped my shorts on to go see what was happenig, but only for..ehmn..ehmn.. anthropological purposes, of course. I thought it was going to be boring but, surprise surprise, in the end I had fun! First of all, the ambiente was crazy! There were thousand of people, and hour after hour it just got more and more crowded! I heard there were expected to be around 20.000 people. Young people would come from all over Andalucia for the Fiesta de la Primavera. With all these crowd you really get to know a lot of people very randomly; most of them a little drunk and very happy. I spoke to more than twenty people in less than 3 hours. Actually you’ll be there chilling and someone will just come over and talk to you. As in all occasions, the company is what matters. Kristina, Tanja and “the Blondies” contribute in making it a pleasant afternoon. Then meeting funny Spanish girls like Sheila and Rosa and catching up with Nadja and Damaris, was just too much fun.

After Cadiz Carnival (I’ll write a post on that soon) I learned the lesson the hard way. You can’t expect to party all night like the Spanish, or better, you can’t stay up all day and night drinking no stop like the Spanish are trained to. So I didn’t let the night meet me there. I left with the beautiful sunset happy of seeing whatsup at La Fiesta de la Primaveraaaa!


La Universidad

After a month here in Granada I’m getting better with the language and with the kind help of Spanish students I am in the process of figuring out a lot about University in Spain.

I quickly had to come to terms with these things called Practisas, basically assignments. This is something I am not used to and it says a lot about education in Italy. It’s that little extra they require from you, instead of just memorizing the book, therefore it’s positive. But it’s just sooo time consuming, which makes it negative. In addition, some of the courses I chose are very challenging and specific.

Talking with Spanish students, I have discovered other differences with what I know as school. For instance fees are paid by exams and not by year, as we do in Italy. The more you fail at an exam, the more you’ll have to pay, so being a bad student is expensive.

Again, one thing that keeps surprising me is the relationship between professors and students. In class they call each other by name and interact also on a personal level. I actually had a professors inviting me to a free visits of the city during the weekend! Coming from a hierarchy where teachers are the Pharaoh and the students the jews in Egypt, I will need me some time to get used to it. Maybe this is due to the smaller age gap between students and professors. Many of them are in their late thirties or early forties, so they are more relaxed as being younger.

From what I saw till now, the Spanish school system is more similar to the British one and it sounds kind of effective. I already know I’ll change my opinion when I’ll find myself overwhelmed with Practicas to do and mid term deadlines. I’ll be forced all day in a library, well, at least a picturesque library.

Yes! because, all studying environments I visited clearly seemed thought to be welcoming but also majestic, artistic and romantic in a way. There is often a lot of trees and nature in the surroundings of  the Faculties. It’s seems there no desire for the modern, the minimal; all building are meant to be historical and rather oldish. This I love.




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This blog wouldn’t be about me if I didn’t mention one of my biggest interests: Fashion. However I am not attracted by fashion trends. Instead I appreciate personal style, above all.

So meet the beautiful Pricila, she is a student of Sociology, photographer and, the most stylish person I met since I got here in Granada. I saw her yesterday at my Socilogy of the Family class and I couldn’t resist asking if I could take a picture!

What attracted me is her effortless style. I would just love to mess up my curly hair, wrap a scarf around my neck, pop up cardi and be cool…instead of fighting with my freezy hair, never knowing what to wear and often ending up looking like a teenager.

And, did I mention the matching red lisptick and shoes? Just perfect. Even if she is not wearing fancy clothes what really makes her stylish is her a genuine self, posing or not.

Don’t you agree?


No me lo puedo creer, aun


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1. El mosterio de Cartuja. Cartuja is a neighbourhood on a hill at 15 minutes walking distance from the citycenter. This position offers a beautiful overview of the city.

2. Brought some flowers for the landlady, when I moved in. Of course she loved them…female nature is so predictable

3. El Cientro de Lenguas Moderna. A clear example of a stimulating studying environment.

4. One of the views from my neighborhood roads.

Expressing emotions is always an hard task. Although I am a complicated young lady, my feelings right now can be translated in a few words.

I am so happy that, at times, I still can’t believe it’s true or – as the indigenous would say – “Aun no me lo puedo creer”. In the past two weeks, my life has changed in a way that I dreamt, but I just couldn’t predict it would have had this shape.

Starting from the beginning. Exactly 17 days ago, I left Italy and I moved to Granada, in the heart of Andalusia, Spain. The place I will call home for the next five months, and by the time I’ll leave, it would have turned me into a better me.

I am going to be studying as an Erasmus student, but before you even start thinking about parties-tapas-hangovers and again parties, let me say that the first weeks here have been hard. However, sleeping on the floor of strangers living room, running around town looking for a house communicating with my “Spanish” and having bocadillos for breakfast, dinner and launch were totally worth the Sierra Nevada view from my neighborhood, the smell of fresh backed bread you can hear at every corner, my little cozy apartment.

I have not got into full gear here and my nightlife is almost non existent, but, if on one hand I understand I have to take my time, on the other it has already been a huge adventure so far. I have moved to another country, quickly visited Barcelona, I am living on my own and sharing an apartment for the first time. Not to mention that I am constantly surprised by little details of the city. It’s just magical. I often find myself smiling while walking around. At times I wave my hands in the sky just to make sure being here and now is not a product of my imagination and it won’t disappear if I touch it.

I can’t wait to show you pictures of all corners and places I am discovering. For now enjoy this little bits of my life here.




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Last Sunday, a dear friend took me to Venice. How I love thins kind of Sundays. He knows the city very well so we went for a rather un-touristy tour. I enjoyed walking up and down the bridges, the smell of the seas and the beautiful architecture. A romantic city, floating on waters, is at the same time charming and almost unbelievable.

Despite the beautiful sights, what really fascinated me was the Silence..yes, quietness. Away from the main spots there is a very quiet Venezia. It’s that kind of silence that allows you to hear the person near you breathing, a silence coming right from the sea.


2013 through my phone

Here is a summary of the past year captured by the one and only that is always with me and sees my life from the very inside: my Phone.Image_Selfies

2013 has been a very full year. It started somewhat slowly but in the end it was one of the most chaotic years so far, in a good way. Starting from my hair. I went from very long hair to very short hair and I took a lot of selfies…to document the process, of course.


The many ups and few downs of the year were accompanied by all sort of treats: macarons, chocolate bears, doughnuts and, the treat of all treats, Frozen Yogurt with jelly bears!  However, during the last months of the year, I realized how important it is to give the body the right fuel. Ever since I’ve been trying to eat better and I must confess that I do feel better.



Travelling was definitely the best part of 2013. I did an internship in a fashion company and I was so lucky I went to Paris (twice!) and Germany, for some of the biggest trade fairs in the world. Besides, I also visited Romania for the very first time and I had a blast in Cluj-Napoca with my best friend. What did I learned from checking in and out of airports? I discovered I truly enjoy experiencing how people live in different countries, but the love of my life still remains my hometown Vicenza.



Along with all the exciting adventures, 2013 was also about enjoying every Facetiae. Working so hard meant having a few time for myself. This taught me how important it is to spend quality time. In 2013 I celebrated my birthday with the people I love, I spent evenings laughing and chatting with my family and had the best Christmas ever.

2013 did it’s best to be unforgettable. Hopefully the plans I have for 2014 will make it an even more exciting year. A big thank you to all the people who have shared the past twelve moths with me. Now enough with the old and up with the new.


Christmas is a state of mind


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“Christmas is a state of mind, so choose to be Christmas”

I admit I used to hate Christmas. This is probably because when I was little I hardly ever received presents or celebrated properly. At the end of the holidays I would go back to school and hearing all the other kids talking about gifts and exciting adventures just made it even sadder. Luckily things got better with time but only this year I figured out that If I wanted Christmas I had to get in the mood for Christmas and then make Christmas.

So for me this year it was all about spending quality time with my loved ones. We crafted lovingly handmade decorations, we played tables games for hours and laughed so hard we had headaches, but, most of all, we all made an effort to make it a Merry Temi Christmas.


“Il Natale è uno stato d’animo, proprio come la felicità. Pertanto, come si sceglie di essere felici, scegli di essere Natale.”

Devo confessare che per molto tempo ho odiato il Natale, probabilmente perchè da bambina ricevevo raramente dei regali. Come se non bastasse, tornare a scuola e sentire i miei compagni raccontare di regali e avventure con amici e parenti, mi rendeva solo più triste. Fortunatamente con il tempo le cose sono migliorate ma solo quest’anno mi sono resa conto che se voglio un bel Natale, devo crearmi un bel Natale.

Quindi, quest’anno, mi sono dedicata a trascorrere una bella giornata con le persone a cui voglio bene. Abbiamo preparato decorazioni fatte a mano, abbiamo giocato per ore a giochi di società e riso a crepapelle, ma sopratutto, ci siamo tutti impegnati a renderlo un sereno Natale.



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Facetiae, (read fa-tʃe-zie),

It’s a Latin word that means little delights, sweet small pleasures or again witty or humorous writings. So here I am, writing a blog about the small cute delights in my life. I was one who thought that pleasures is in the getting and not in the doing, but growing older I realized that what will really make me happy is appreciating the good in the everyday life.

So here I am blogging about my daily Facetiae, family, friends, books, tea, travelling, Vicenza, downfalls, landscapes, food, shoes, fashion, and the list goes on… Considering my huge issues with procrastination and all the Christmas season buzz, I am glad to say “I start today”.