Here is a summary of the past year captured by the one and only that is always with me and sees my life from the very inside: my Phone.Image_Selfies

2013 has been a very full year. It started somewhat slowly but in the end it was one of the most chaotic years so far, in a good way. Starting from my hair. I went from very long hair to very short hair and I took a lot of selfies…to document the process, of course.


The many ups and few downs of the year were accompanied by all sort of treats: macarons, chocolate bears, doughnuts and, the treat of all treats, Frozen Yogurt with jelly bears!  However, during the last months of the year, I realized how important it is to give the body the right fuel. Ever since I’ve been trying to eat better and I must confess that I do feel better.



Travelling was definitely the best part of 2013. I did an internship in a fashion company and I was so lucky I went to Paris (twice!) and Germany, for some of the biggest trade fairs in the world. Besides, I also visited Romania for the very first time and I had a blast in Cluj-Napoca with my best friend. What did I learned from checking in and out of airports? I discovered I truly enjoy experiencing how people live in different countries, but the love of my life still remains my hometown Vicenza.



Along with all the exciting adventures, 2013 was also about enjoying every Facetiae. Working so hard meant having a few time for myself. This taught me how important it is to spend quality time. In 2013 I celebrated my birthday with the people I love, I spent evenings laughing and chatting with my family and had the best Christmas ever.

2013 did it’s best to be unforgettable. Hopefully the plans I have for 2014 will make it an even more exciting year. A big thank you to all the people who have shared the past twelve moths with me. Now enough with the old and up with the new.