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1. El mosterio de Cartuja. Cartuja is a neighbourhood on a hill at 15 minutes walking distance from the citycenter. This position offers a beautiful overview of the city.

2. Brought some flowers for the landlady, when I moved in. Of course she loved them…female nature is so predictable

3. El Cientro de Lenguas Moderna. A clear example of a stimulating studying environment.

4. One of the views from my neighborhood roads.

Expressing emotions is always an hard task. Although I am a complicated young lady, my feelings right now can be translated in a few words.

I am so happy that, at times, I still can’t believe it’s true or – as the indigenous would say – “Aun no me lo puedo creer”. In the past two weeks, my life has changed in a way that I dreamt, but I just couldn’t predict it would have had this shape.

Starting from the beginning. Exactly 17 days ago, I left Italy and I moved to Granada, in the heart of Andalusia, Spain. The place I will call home for the next five months, and by the time I’ll leave, it would have turned me into a better me.

I am going to be studying as an Erasmus student, but before you even start thinking about parties-tapas-hangovers and again parties, let me say that the first weeks here have been hard. However, sleeping on the floor of strangers living room, running around town looking for a house communicating with my “Spanish” and having bocadillos for breakfast, dinner and launch were totally worth the Sierra Nevada view from my neighborhood, the smell of fresh backed bread you can hear at every corner, my little cozy apartment.

I have not got into full gear here and my nightlife is almost non existent, but, if on one hand I understand I have to take my time, on the other it has already been a huge adventure so far. I have moved to another country, quickly visited Barcelona, I am living on my own and sharing an apartment for the first time. Not to mention that I am constantly surprised by little details of the city. It’s just magical. I often find myself smiling while walking around. At times I wave my hands in the sky just to make sure being here and now is not a product of my imagination and it won’t disappear if I touch it.

I can’t wait to show you pictures of all corners and places I am discovering. For now enjoy this little bits of my life here.