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This blog wouldn’t be about me if I didn’t mention one of my biggest interests: Fashion. However I am not attracted by fashion trends. Instead I appreciate personal style, above all.

So meet the beautiful Pricila, she is a student of Sociology, photographer and, the most stylish person I met since I got here in Granada. I saw her yesterday at my Socilogy of the Family class and I couldn’t resist asking if I could take a picture!

What attracted me is her effortless style. I would just love to mess up my curly hair, wrap a scarf around my neck, pop up cardi and be cool…instead of fighting with my freezy hair, never knowing what to wear and often ending up looking like a teenager.

And, did I mention the matching red lisptick and shoes? Just perfect. Even if she is not wearing fancy clothes what really makes her stylish is her a genuine self, posing or not.

Don’t you agree?