After a month here in Granada I’m getting better with the language and with the kind help of Spanish students I am in the process of figuring out a lot about University in Spain.

I quickly had to come to terms with these things called Practisas, basically assignments. This is something I am not used to and it says a lot about education in Italy. It’s that little extra they require from you, instead of just memorizing the book, therefore it’s positive. But it’s just sooo time consuming, which makes it negative. In addition, some of the courses I chose are very challenging and specific.

Talking with Spanish students, I have discovered other differences with what I know as school. For instance fees are paid by exams and not by year, as we do in Italy. The more you fail at an exam, the more you’ll have to pay, so being a bad student is expensive.

Again, one thing that keeps surprising me is the relationship between professors and students. In class they call each other by name and interact also on a personal level. I actually had a professors inviting me to a free visits of the city during the weekend! Coming from a hierarchy where teachers are the Pharaoh and the students the jews in Egypt, I will need me some time to get used to it. Maybe this is due to the smaller age gap between students and professors. Many of them are in their late thirties or early forties, so they are more relaxed as being younger.

From what I saw till now, the Spanish school system is more similar to the British one and it sounds kind of effective. I already know I’ll change my opinion when I’ll find myself overwhelmed with Practicas to do and mid term deadlines. I’ll be forced all day in a library, well, at least a picturesque library.

Yes! because, all studying environments I visited clearly seemed thought to be welcoming but also majestic, artistic and romantic in a way. There is often a lot of trees and nature in the surroundings of  the Faculties. It’s seems there no desire for the modern, the minimal; all building are meant to be historical and rather oldish. This I love.