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Yesterday was the first day of Spring. For many cultures it’s an ordinary day on the calendar, but no day is ordinary here in Granada.

The beginning of Spring is welcomed with a huge event called Fiesta de la Primavera. This party is a maxibottellon in the Bottellodromo of Granada. Bottellon is the practice of meeting on a spot and consuming alcohol, it’s really common here in Spain but it’s illegal. However, in Granada, it’s allowed only in a specific place, a huge parking lot called el Bottellodromo.

For la Fiesta de la Primavera, starting from Thursday night, young people started gathering en el Bottellodromo, they brought their alcohol, ready to drink all day and all night. It’s an event that takes place every year but with time all of the cultural events related to it have disappeared – even the music disappeared! – and now the only thing left is drinking!

Since I don’t like alcohol I really wasn’t looking forward to staying in a filthy place with drunk people around me, so I thought “ Naaa, I’m not going!”. In the end I changed my mind. The weather was so good that I popped my shorts on to go see what was happenig, but only for..ehmn..ehmn.. anthropological purposes, of course. I thought it was going to be boring but, surprise surprise, in the end I had fun! First of all, the ambiente was crazy! There were thousand of people, and hour after hour it just got more and more crowded! I heard there were expected to be around 20.000 people. Young people would come from all over Andalucia for the Fiesta de la Primavera. With all these crowd you really get to know a lot of people very randomly; most of them a little drunk and very happy. I spoke to more than twenty people in less than 3 hours. Actually you’ll be there chilling and someone will just come over and talk to you. As in all occasions, the company is what matters. Kristina, Tanja and “the Blondies” contribute in making it a pleasant afternoon. Then meeting funny Spanish girls like Sheila and Rosa and catching up with Nadja and Damaris, was just too much fun.

After Cadiz Carnival (I’ll write a post on that soon) I learned the lesson the hard way. You can’t expect to party all night like the Spanish, or better, you can’t stay up all day and night drinking no stop like the Spanish are trained to. So I didn’t let the night meet me there. I left with the beautiful sunset happy of seeing whatsup at La Fiesta de la Primaveraaaa!